Top 5 Perfumes for Different College Scenarios

The way a person dresses talks a lot about the personality as much as the way he/she smells. We, for sure would relate to a person’s fragrance as smell is that part of our sense that is very sensitive and can get easily bound to our memory. You should give as much importance to the way you smell as much as your wardrobe. Here are some tips to find your signature fragrance.

Top 5 Fragrance for College Campus

1 Scenario- Big Presentation

Scent: Sophisticated

Opt for: Ralph Lauren Romance

Ralph Lauren Romance scent has class and sophistication. It has a fragrance that is pure, timeless and enchanting. If you want to portray style and confidence, then Ralph is the one. Ralph Lauren is a combination of day lilly, ginger, rose and white violet. This fragrance is available in Nordstrom. So, what you waiting for, get your’s today.

2 Scenario- Date

Scent: Confectionery

Opt for: Aquolina Pink Sugar

It has been observed that guys love the scent of vanilla. Aquolina Pink Sugar has a sultry sweet smell just like vanilla. This fragrance is definitely sweet and is perfect for a hot college date. The scent is such that you wouldn’t want to be smelling sweet everyday. So, its only for those special times. This fragrance is available at Sephora.

3 Scenario- Final Week

Scent: Fresh and Subtle

Opt for: Zents Petal Eau De Toilette

Zents has a very special fragrance and it is very subtle. It is a blend of essential oils and shea butter. This makes the fragrance unique. Zents has a mild and a gentle fragrance, it is perfect for those people who prefer wearing mild scents. This scent is available in 10 different fragrances and you can place your order at

4 Scenario- House Party

Scent: Fruity

Opt for: Live Luxe Jennifer Lopez

This perfume has a great flirty fragrance and it is a combination of honeysuckle, melon, pear and freesia. The best thing about its fragrance is that it does not smell too sweet. Live Luxe is perfect for a casual occasion and great for night parties. It is available at Amazon.

5 Scenario- Lazy Sunday

Scent: mild floral

Opt for: Philosophy Pure Grace

Pure Grace is one of the best selling perfume. It has a very subtle and soft fragrance. The scent is perfect to wear on one of those lazy Sundays where you don’t have much to do. It is a combination of musk, jasmine, water lily and cool greens that gives a very fresh scent. Pure Grace is for those people who prefer a soft fragrance. It is available at Sephora.

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