Top Fashion Trends of the 80s

The 80s era had a style of its own. Though for most of us the style was not very appealing, it still managed to dominate a lot of youngsters. Even now the style reminds us of a lot celebrities who flaunted it well. The style included bright mixed and matched colors and over sized tee shirts.

A few styles to remember from the 80s

Shoulder Pads-

Shoulder pads were attached in most outfit to make the frame of the body look rectangular. For some reason clothes that didn’t require it also had it.


Neon was seen everywhere. People mixed a lots of bright colors with neon. This combination was too much to understand basic color combinations.

Shirts with tee shirt clips-

Tee shirts were huge and oversized. The bigger the better and they were clipped with plastic clips to keep them from over-shadowing your outfit.

Tight stone-wash jeans-

Now tight means real tight jeans for both men and women. They used bleach on denim to to get a patchy shade of dark and light color. These jeans were ripped to get a punk look. If you were wearing one of these, you were considered to be cool.

Teased hair-

Hair had to look puffy. You either perm it, use a hair spray or fluff it up and you were the one. Madonna was a style icon of the 80s and women would copy her style.

Exercise gear and leg warmers-

People wore layers of sweat bands and tight leggings. This was something cool and trendy for them.

Jellies sandals-

Plastic was the material in vogue. Sandals were made of plastic and they used to squeeked.

Off-shoulder tops-

Off-shoulder tops and dresses were in vogue of the 80s. Every girl would want one for a party.

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