5 Top Bangkok Fashion Brands

Fashion has no foundations and has only become better with time. The best fashion designers are from all over the world. They have proved it time and again that there is nothing better than fashion. Today, we have unlimited brands to choose from.

Bangkok fashion has gone a long way. Designers like Koi Suwannagate, received the Vogue Fashion Fund Award in the U.S. He has given a makeover to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprak Winfrey. Nagara Samabandaraksa is one of the most popular designers who has combined east and west cultures in his designs.


It involves the effort three people, Pim Sukhahutas, Kly and Matina. They started on a very small scale and were one of the local brands. Today, Sretsis is one of the most popular brands in Teen Vogue, Page Six and NYLON. Sretsis has brought back the style of the 40s and 50s with broad collars, ribbons, lace and pleats in fabrics.

Tipayaphong Poosanaphong-

Just two years back this brand came into existence. Tipa, worked with designer Emanuel Ungaro before starting his own brand of designs. Tipa and his talented team have themselves hand-stitched accessories and clothes. He specializes in knits, weaves, bright colors, bold prints and fabrics and sequins.


Other than having a fashion house, Greyhound also has a chain of restaurant in town. This brand specializes in business formals and uses lots of basic colors grays, black and white. A lot of Thai celebrities have been a fan of this brand.

27 Friday and 27 November-

Chanachai Jareeyathana created this brand. His most recent and popular collection was, 27 Friday and 27 November. This designer uses dark colored fabrics for pants and jackets from 27 Friday and uses lace to create accessories with bold prints from 27 November. This makes his collection vibrant and youthful.


Its a team of three designers, Jirat Supisankul, Chai Jeam and Patsarun Sriluansoi. All the three designers presented their styles own brands and styles. Headquater has earned a big name in Bangkok and the designs are really cool and stylish. Designs vary from formal dresses to casual and ethnic wear. They have wooed many women with their fabulous styles.

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