5 Must-have Handbags for Winter 2010

Handbags are the most important accessory for every woman. It creates a style statement and makes women feel fashionable. Today, there are so many handbags in different brands, styles, textures and style. If you have a fetish for handbags then here are 5 must-have handbags for winter 2010.

5 Must-have Handbags for Winter 2010

Red Office handbag from Dior:

Fashion experts have declared “red” hot color for winter 2010. Dior has come up with the most stylish and fashionable handbags for the season. This handbag from Dior is a red quilted bag in lambskin with small stitches. So, all the ladies out there, flaunt this color no matter where you go.

Monogram Vernis by Louis Vuitton:

It’s a leather handbag that is strong with a unique shape that can be comfortably carried across. This is an ideal bag to carry around as it has lots of space to dump all your essentials. The look itself makes you feel posh and the handbag is for sure very durable.

Alice bag from Marc Jacobs:

This bag looks very chic, especially in hot pink color. It would suit all your casual wear like skinny jeans, short skirts and high heels. The only drawback with this bag is the material which is a mixture of plastic and fur, it would look really cool this bag was made of leather.

Valentino Garvani- for sexy night out:

The look of this bag can for sure make you go crazy. The bag by Valentino Garvani is made of silk and other than black there are colors like dull pink, skin, gray and red that look cool. This bag is compact and goes well with a black evening dress and high heels.

Chanel small purse with chain:

This bag is a fall-winter collection by chanel. It is a small purse made of calf skin with an engraved chain. Its one of the hottest collection for the season.

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