Different Types of Hats for Winter

Winters can be very severe, especially when the cold pierces through your skin. There are coats that protect the rest of the body, but a hat is very important to keep the head and ears warm. Winter hats come in different styles and materials. Here are a few popular styles that are evergreen.

Few Popular Styles in Hats


A hoodie is a mixture of a scarf and a hat. It is something that you can wear for winters and has a very trendy look. The length of the hoodie varies from the neck to as low as the shoulder. It is one of the most trendiest accessory to wear for winters. It protects the head and ears by keeping it warm.


The newsboy cap suits both men and women. It has a very sophisticated look and certainly adds style. Other than the style, it manages to keep the head warm because of the thick material that is used.


Cloche hats are a style of the early 20th century. Materials like wool and knitted fabric s are used to make these hats. They not only add class but can be worn throughout the year. Cloche hats protect from severe winters.


Women love wearing beret hats because is adds a lot of femininity and style. These hats are specially designed for winters and vary in rim and width, from being broad to wide. The actual style of wearing beret hats is that it should slightly tilt to one side but not fall on the forehead.


These hats were very frequently used by athletes, skiers and for fashion shows. A toque is made of different materials like wool or double-knitted. Pom-poms, side flaps and brims are used to make these hats more stylish. Toques are not only warm but also look very fashionable.

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