Men’s Italian Fashion Trend 2010

There’s a lot that’s been happening in the world of fashion. Italy is known as the “world’s fashion market”. Italian fashion in spring summer collection has come up with the most casual outfits for men. Here are few trends that combine style with comfort for men. Italian fashion has gone a long way from Milan to the Tuscan hills.

Here are a few that have some astounding and fashionable collections of casuals for men. The style is such that it can make any man look rich, powerful, confident and strong.

Gucci and Versace

have the most exotic collection for the coming season. They have created a luxury look for smart outfits. Gucci has come up with the most breath-taking light weight khaki and shirts. They have introduced fabric belts and other accessories that are comfortable and combine style and class.


is known for its awesome creation of casual day to day wear. This Italian style has brought along style for the season. The formal Armani suit is a light shirt without a tie and has managed to create a strong image for men. The look is formal and yet comfortable. Its a blend of casual executive style.

Dolce & Gabbana

is known as the style guru. D&G has come up with the most attractive casual wear for the season. Mixing styles like suits with jeans or sweaters is a trendy look. For a chic look, tweak chic is the best for an office wear. For men who are looking for comfort and style together, this is the perfect wear. Italian fashion is expected to come up with stylish jeans with smart shirts and jackets.

Most of the Italian fashion is expected to touch the international market by this year. It is a complete blend of luxury, comfort and power that most men would want to portray.

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