Top 5 Designer Logos

Fashion has become a very important part of our lives. Today, we have a choice of selecting different designs and brands. In the world of fashion, there are many designers who have created a name for themselves. They have been known for their top brands and logos worldwide. Here are top 5 designer logos who have ruled the world.

Chanel Designer Logo-

Chanel is one of the most popular French designer logos. Chanel was created in Paris and Gabrielle Bonheur founded it. It is also known as”Coco Chanel”. Chanel is famous all over the world for its perfumes, clothing and accessories.
The Chanel designer logo is an overlapping C which is interlocked back to back. This design came into existences in 1925 and the designer used her own initials. This logo is recognized by everyone worldwide because of its simple and stylish design.


Hermes Designer Logo-

Hermes is also a well known French designer logo. It is known for its high class designs and a lot of minute detailing has been put into it. This logo depicts a carriage and a horse and it was designed so, for people to know how the company grew with time. Hermes logo depicts heritage and excellence with class.  hermes-logo6

Versace Designer Logo-

The Versace designer logo depicts Greek mythology. This logo show an evil character Medusaw from Greek mythology which is entangled with a snake on the head. Designer Gianni Versace payed more attention to his logo as he liked classic themes. He chose Medusaw as she is known for fatal attraction. This logo also depicts seduction and history, which we find in his designs. The Versace logo portrays glamour and looks bold when used in different products.


Givenchy Designer Logo-

Givenchy is world famous for its clothing, accessories and perfumes. The logo is simple yet very appealing, leaving an impression for people to remember. The Givenchy logo forms a square with a quadruple ‘G’. This logo is bold and is on every product.


Louis Vuitton designer Logo-

The logo of this brand has two letters overlapping to form a symbol. This monogramme is found on accessories, luggage and handbags. Louis Vuitton designer logo is recognized worldwide. It has been inspired from the Japanese floral motif. It is very appealing and stands out from the rest.louis-vuitton1

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