Top 5 Italian Fashion Designers

When it comes to choosing top Italian fashion designers, there are many names that come to our mind, but there are 5 designers that stand out from the rest of crowd. They are the most creative designers and to quite an extent, their clothes are affordable. Italian designers have been known for their worldwide collections and have been the best so far.

Top 5 Italian Designers

Dolce & Gabbana:

Domenico and Stefano dominated the world of fashion for more than 25 years. When they started, they designed for many houses but eventually they had their own fashion tag line known by the name of D&G. They specialized in clothes and accessories which was launched in 1985. Both these designers blended old and new and created unique design for men and women. D&G is known for its timeless classic collection of clothing.

Micuccia Prada:

Prada is a world renowned brand and has rocked the fashion world for nearly 40 years. It has been known to design clothes for women which are trendy and stylish. Earlier Prada didn’t seem to do well but eventually after redefining its name, it became a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Valentino Garavani:

Valentino is known world wide for his line of fashion. This brand is now known as a status symbol for wealthy people. He also designed for Elizabeth Taylor in 1950. Its just that an average person may not be able to wear a Valentino because his designs can be afforded by high class people. Valentino has fascinated the fashion world which include both France and Italy.

Donatella and Gianna Versace:

Both these fashion designers have been known by the name of God and Goddess of the fashion world. Versace is known for its vibrant colors and body hugging outfits. The new creations by Versace are very much in demand. Gianni past away in 1996 but Donatella still continued to create glamorous outfits. Her collections became a favourite of Courtney Love and Elizabeth Hurley.

Giorgio Armani:

His designs are respected and believed to appeal men and women all across the globe. Armani’s designer jackets are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. His collections are a timeless piece of fashion and are liked by men and women of every age and status.

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