How to Choose the Perfect Kallah Wedding Gown

Are you interested in a Jewish wedding look? If your answer is yes, then go for a kallah gown. A kallah gown is a Jewish wedding gown that is worn by women and it comes in various styles and cuts that can accentuate your figure. Here are different types of Kallah gowns that can be chosen by the would-be bride.

Empire Waist Kallah Gown:

This gown is perfect for those women who are heavy at the bottom and small on the top. The style of this gown is such that it is perfect under the bust-line and falls freely in a straight cut. The best thing about this gown is that it accentuates the bust and hides the broad waist and heavy hips.

Mermaid Kallah Gown:

This gown is perfect if you are very slim throughout. The silhouette is in such a way that it fits well right from the top till the knees and then flares out. It looks simply great on a person who is slim but not that great on a person who has broad hips. The tight fit of the dress can restrict you from freely moving around.

A-Line Kallah Gown:

This style suits most figures. In this gown, it has a good fit till the waist and flairs out from the waistline. It looks great on women who have broad hips. The A-Line style can be chosen as one of the best cuts for a gown.

Ball Gown Kallah:

The ball gown kallah also suits most figures. In this the bodice is fitted and the skirt is given a flair with crinoline beneath. This style is perfect to hide any kind of body imperfections.

Fit and Flair Kallah Gown:

This design is a mixture of a mermaid and an A-Line style. In the fit and flare gown, it is well fitted on the top and then it is straight from the hip to the knees where it then flairs out. It looks perfect on women who are slim throughout.

Sheath Style Kallah Gown:

This gown is fitted right from the top till the floor. It has a straight cut and suits women with small frame

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