7 Hottest Fashion Trends for Winter 2010

Since winters would be setting in soon, its time to update your wardrobe. If you plan to go for winter shopping, then here are some latest fashion trends that can help you. So, its time for all the women out there to fill the streets with the most fashionable and stylish outfits.


The main idea is to look good, so why not invest in buying a good coat and if you can afford it, then go for a nice designer piece. Buy a coat that suits your style like a French or an Italian coat. A good branded coat will last for atleast 3 to 4 years, so its worth the cost.

When it comes to choosing colors, gray, brown and black are hues that you can go for. These are the most common colors that are seen on many women. You can go for animal prints, reds, beige or white.

Winter Shoes and Boots:

The latest trend is the ankle length boots for winter. Many models have sported laced-up boots, cut-out boots and knee length boots. Designers like Jimmy Choo and Christain Louboutin have used tassels and fringes to give a gorgeous look.

Fur Coats:

Fur always gives a rich and stylish look. Faux fur has been used in many outfits and is a major part of fashion. So, now many women have an option to go for either real fur or faux as long as it looks fabulous.


Cashmere is one of the perfect winter wear material. There are scarves, jackets, coats and pashmina. It is a light weight fabric, soft and keeps you really warm throughout harsh winters.

Skinny Jeans:

Skinny jeans have been a fashion trend since a long time now. Women are addicted to skinny jeans as they are very comfortable and come in the most amazing brands.


Purple is the color for the season. Personalise your favourite accessories in this color. You can have a purple belt, scarves, wallet or just jewellery. Before you step out make sure you do not have all of your accessories worn or you might end up looking like a fashion disaster. Just wear one or two at a time.

Latest Winter Runway Trend:

Classy and sexy are the latest winter runway trends. Its all about having a curvy waist or a belted swing coat that accentuates your waist. Winter runway is all about staying in shape and wearing the most sexiest outfit.

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