Fashion Tips for Rainy Season

Though rainy season is enjoyed by everyone, but getting drenched in the rain may not be a very pleasant experience for most people. You would want to just sit back at home with a cup of coffee and enjoy the rain. However this is not always possible. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One major disadvantage during this season is the clothes. You need to take extra care of what you wear as clothes get spoiled very easily. Raincoats and umbrellas are a saving grace but the main idea is to look chic and fashionable for the season.

A Few Fashion Tips to Help You


During rainy season it is best to say good bye to your favorite pair of heels and sandals. You can rather go for boots or flip-flops. Leather and suede shoes are a big “no”. You may just not be able to save them from the rains.

Bare Essentials:

Carrying a few essentials is very important, especially during rainy season. You wouldn’t want your outfit to get ruined by mud and puddle. Make sure you carry a raincoat or an umbrella to protect yourself.

Bright Colors:

Dig into your wardrobe for bright colored clothes. It’s always good to wear bright clothes as they uplift your spirit. Dark clouds would make you feel low and gloomy, therefore do not allow this to dominate you.


Make sure that you carry a big plastic bag during rainy season to keep your raincoat or umbrella. Plastic bags have also come into use, just incase you want to carry your leather shoes so that you can change whenever you step out. Since plastic is waterproof you can be rest assured that you wouldn’t get stranded in the rain without carrying one.

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