Evening Dresses: Hollywood Style

Hollywood has seen it all, Hollywood icons are seen in the most gorgeous and perfectly styled evening dresses. Evening dresses, designed by top designers in various designs, shades and cuts can drive any woman crazy. If you are inspired by Hollywood and have a vision to design, then here are few tips that can help you style dresses the Hollywood style.

Keep a track of Hollywood Entertainment News:

This channel exposes you to a world of Hollywood evening dresses. You can even watch channels with the best and worst dressed Hollywood stars. The lifestyle channel will guide you of what designs you can go with and what designs to chuck.

Go through Fashion Magazines:

Fashion magazines have a lot of information about Hollywood stars and the evening dresses they wear. These magazines are better than watching television because you can always refer to the designs later rather than trying to remember it. It also gives you the benefit of showing the designs to your designer and making it easy to get one stitched.

Create your Own Design:

You can always refer to an evening dress worn by one Hollywood actress and another Hollywood celebrity. Try and match both the styles to create a unique and gorgeous design for yourself.

Avoid Frills:

There are a lot of evening dresses that have been worn by Hollywood actresses which include feathers, frills, crystals, laces, sequins, corsets and diamonds. Though these make the dress look gorgeous, it doesn’t mean that you include all of these in your dress as well. You can avoid the use of all these and yet make the dress look elegant. Remember that frills and trains are used for wedding dresses. Corsets and laces are used for bridesmaid dress.

The color and cut:

The color of the dress may look great on the Hollywood actress that you copied it from but it may not go with your skin tone. When it comes to the cut of the dress, it may suit the actress but may not look great on you. Select the shade that complements your skin tone and the cut that suits your body.

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