Top 5 Creed Perfumes for Women

Creed is a Paris based company that came into existences in 1760. Creed is a luxury company that has been since centuries. Creed has supplied its products to many royal houses. Now Oliver Creed who is the sixth generation has taken over the family business.

Creed has consistently maintained its high standards with regard to customer service and fragrance. This is the main every reason for its popularity among Hollywood actresses and sports stars.
There are more than 30 fragrances that a woman can choose from. Each fragrance is different from the other because of its natural ingredients and filtrations which makes it strong.

Five top Creed Fragrances

Spring Flower by Creed:

This is the most popular fragrance among women and is popular since 1950. It is a combination of apple, musk, rose, lemon, jasmine and ambergris. Spring flower has the perfect combination and is very feminine.

Fleurissimo by Creed:

It is a combination of Bulgarian rose, tuberose, Florentine iris and violet. It became popular since 1972 and was created for Prince Ranier. Fleurissimo has a very vibrant and sophisticated fragrance. Its perfect for women.

Fantasia De Fleurs:

It has a very romantic fragrance and was especially made for Empress Elisabeth in 1862. Fantasia De Fleurs is a combination of iris, amber and Bulgarian rose. It is for women of all ages because of its spicy fragrance.

Love In White by Creed:

This is a combination of Rice Husk, Magnolia, Bulgarian rose, Sandalwood, Ambergris and Orange Blossom. Love In White has a very crisp, clear and an exotic combination of floral and citris fragrance. It is more apt for older women.

Acqua Florentina:

It is the latest creation by Creed. Acqua Florentina has the right fragrance for a modern woman. It consists of pink carnations, greenage plum, sandalwood and bergamot orange. It has a long lasting fragrance and a balance of sweet and herbage scent. It suits every woman.

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