How to Mix and Match Colors in Clothing

Fashion is all about being creative with colors. It’s an art of mixing and matching colors and making it appealing to the crowd. It is important to know which color combination complements your personality. Wearing the right combination will certainly add an “oomph” to your style. Here are a few tips that can help you put together the right color combination.

A few fashion tips to Mix and Match Colors

  • Mixing and matching colors becomes easier if you know the color wheel. You’ll have an idea which colors match and which ones clash.
  • You will surely know which colors look out of place, say for example, a green top with green pants. Its a terrible combination for sure.
  • There are three basic colors- Black, white and gray which go with almost anything. These are neutral colors.
  • You can try psychedelic prints(artwork inspired by psyches ).You can mix all the three basic colors as they go well with anything.
  • Try pairing black or white with purple, blue, red and yellow. Pair gray with pink, blue or beige. However, you can try endless combinations.
  • If you want something sober then try white, yellow and pink.
  • You can try a combination with light and dark colors like black, white, olive green, lavender and yellow or white, red, beige and blue.
  • Try two or three dark colors together like a purple and dark pink with green. This would be a three tone dress and looks great during summer and spring.
  • When it comes to formal wear, you have to be selective with the color and style. Say you have gray trousers so match it with a brown jacket and wear a white ruffled blouse with it. Pair it with a gray belt for a casual look.
  • If you are planning to go for an outing then try this combination of wearing a brown belted shorts with a printed silk sleeve blouse. The color that you can match with the shorts are beige, lavender, pink and purple. This can be a perfect summer outfit.

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