How to Look Good on a Rainy Day

Monsoons are setting in and you certainly don’t have to have the drenched look. It is time to look chic and here are some awesome tips to look fashionable even on a rainy day.

Tips to Look Good on a Rainy Day


It is important to take care of one’s hairstyle as this is a time when it is humid and keeps rainy. Make sure your hair is tight and tied. You can either tie your hair into a bun or a ponytail. Another way of styling your hair is the wet and curly look. If your hair is wavy or curly then leave it lose. Do make sure you use a hair gel to keep it smooth so that it doesn’t look dry and frizzy when it dries.

Match It:

Though the wet look, looks great but one should avoid getting wet. Use an umbrella that suits your personality. Don’t let it dominate your body. Select a neutral color so that it goes with every outfit you wear. If possible, match it with your accessories or your rain coat.

Look Fashionable:

You can still look fashionable on a rainy day. Choose colors that are seasonal like white or green for summer or spring and brown or red for fall. Wear a long rain coat with skinny jeans and boots. This combination looks good during fall as well.

Wear Rain Boots:

Rain boots are meant to be worn during rainy season. This is one of the best accessory to wear for a rainy day attire. If you are wearing a hounds-tooth designed boots then they look great with a long black rain coat. Avoid wearing patterns and colors that clash.


Do not wear heavy accessories as they are an unnecessary burden during rains. Wear something that is comfortable and chic. Light weight bangles, studs or a chain would be more comfortable.


During rainy season carry a leather handbag instad of a bag made of canvas. Use bags with zippers as water cannot seep through.


Wear makeup that is water-proof. This includes your mascara, eyeliner and foundation. It would prevent the makeup from running down your face when it is wet.

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