How to Change your Wardrobe with Accessories

If you think that your wardrobe is quite boring and it needs a boost, then try adding a few accessories to make it interesting. A few well selected pieces of accessories can actually transform your wardrobe.

Tips to Change your Wardrobe with Accessories

  • Trendy and Classic Accessories:

    Always have a collection of classic and trendy accessories. In this way you will have a variety of collection to wear daily. Say for example a black dress can be paired with a bronze or a gold strand of beads, a knitted shawl and a pair of leather pumps. This outfit can be worn for a formal evening function.

  • Scarves:

    Try and have a collection of scarves in a variety of colors, fabrics and prints. For example you can wear a cashmere shawl draped over a white sleeveless top which gives a cozy, yet sophisticated look. For a sporty look, a multi colored thin and long muffler wrapped around your neck would look great. To flaunt a classic look a silk printed scraf that is stylishly knotted around you neck would add a lot of style.

  • Jeans and T-shirt:

    Make sure that you have plain blue jeans with a white t-shirt as this looks cool throughout the year. To match up with this combination, wear leather flip-flops, cool sunglasses and carry a big leather bag. During fall, transform this look into suede’s, a knitted or a wool hat and a leather bag. The look for winters would be boots with a fur lining, woollen cap and a nice leather purse. When its spring time transform the look by wearing roman sandals, a crocodile skin bag and a knitted shrug.

  • Just Jewelery:

    Shop for unique jewelery pieces like handmade jewelery, antique jewelery or some colored gemstones. With your new collection there would always be something to match your dress. This would also add sophistication and style to your wardrobe.

  • Mix and Match:

    Mix and match with rare combinations. This would give more options to your clothing. For example, you can wear a knee length black crushed silk skirt with a short top and a cropped denim jacket for a casual dinner party.

  • Feel Good:

    Accessories have always been there to add grace to an outfit. Try and use accessories with western and traditional outfits to show that you care to look good.

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