Top 10 Dress Designers

Designer dresses have become very popular because of the unique style, patterns and the awesome fit that they have. Many celebrities wear a lot of designer dresses for parties, award functions and many formal occasions.

Top 10 designer names:


This designer is one of the hottest designers in today’s time. BCBG has a huge fan following from Hollywood and has also dazzled celebrities with an awesome collection of modern designs.

Betsey Johnson:

Betsey Johnson is well known for her cocktail collection. She uses wild colors, and unique patterns, shapes and style. Any lady would confidently flaunt wear Betsey johnson’s designs.

Cynthia Rowley:

Cynthia Rowley’s designs are simply sporty, fun and very creative. They are well tailored and add a lot of sophistication to the outfit. A woman would not hesitate to experiment her artistic collection.

Diane Von Furstenburg:

She is well known for her wrap dresses which symbolises freedom. Diane Von Furstenburg designs are very elegant and comfortable with a lot of style. If you are looking for something that is casual then DVF is the right choice.


Marchesa’s style is inspired from the Egyptian culture which is very vintage. Her designs are very elegant and well crafted. Any woman wearing her designs would feel special.

Oscar de la Renta:

His designs are very femine and romantic. He has dominated the fashion world since 1970 and his work has greatly been influenced from the Latin world.


Her designs are full of interesting motives that make the dress sexy and very feminine. Shoshanna’s designs are a favourite among a lot of Hollywood stars. Her designs have always been fresh and new.

Tracy Reese:

Tracy Reese’s designs are influenced from the bohemian style. She uses eccentric colors, bright fabrics and lots of embellishments. Any woman who loves bright clothes would feel great in Tracy’s designs.

Vera Wang:

Vera Wang’s designs are sensual and very colorful which every woman would want to have a feel of her designs. She has won the Women’s wear Designer of the Year Award for her breath taking collections.

Michelle Smith:

Milly is a creation of Michelle Smith. This brand has simple silhouettes, style and attractive prints. Every fashionable woman’s closet would be flooded with her designs.

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