What to Wear with an Evening Gown?

Evening gowns have always had a special place in your wardrobe. They are worn only for special occasions like a formal parties and weddings. If your gown is plain and simple then you can include a few accessories for a bolder look and if your gown is flashy then use accessories that are more plain.

Jewellery for an Evening Dress

  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what type of jewellery would go with an evening gown.
  • If your dress is flashy then go for something that is real, small and authentic looking. This will sober the overall look of the gown.
  • Whenever selecting a jewellery always go for one large piece of jewellery and make sure the rest are small.
  • Always consider the pattern and the cut of the dress and then select the jewellery.
  • If the neckline of the dress is open then wear a delicate necklace that would look complement to gown.
  • If your dress is sleeveless then a simple bracelet would look great.

Bags and Shoes

  • With an evening gown avoid wearing wedge heels as they may spoil the look of the dress. Black heels always look good with a dark dress.
  • If you are not comfortable walking in heels then it’s better to practice first rather then drawing unwanted attention of people.
  • When it comes to bags, it should match your dress rather than your shoes.
  • Do not go for bags with shoulder straps or bags that are huge.

Stoles and Wraps

  • The dress you are wearing is sleeveless, without straps or has little fabric then wearing a stole would make the gown look more elegant.
  • A velvet wrap or a silk stole that matches or is contrast would look great.
  • Wraps and stoles can be draped around the shoulder or through the elbows.
  • Avoid wearing a very long stole or a wrap, rather wear something that is shorter and wider.
  • Be conscious where the stole is placed as a trailing stole may spoil a sophisticated look.

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