How to Dress to Look Taller for Men

There are many people who are not blessed with a good height. We certainly do not have a control over how short or tall we would be. Today fashion has gone a long way and there are a lot of designs, brands and styles that can give an illusion of looking taller. This again depends on what kind of clothes we choose that make a person appear look taller.

Tips to Dress to Look Taller

  • Remember to maintain a straight posture to reach your maximum height. Do not slouch while you are sitting or standing as this would make you look shorter.
  • Men who are short should have short hair as long hair makes the head and the body look like one block. Long hair hides the neck and shoulder, making a person look shorter.
  • Another important tip to look taller is to maintain a healthy weight. Men who are very muscular and heavy look very short. It is good to stay lean and yet have muscles.
  • You should be aware of what are the latest trends so that you can go ahead and shop. You can also check with certain stores if they have custom-made clothes for short men.
  • Wear clothes with vertical stripes as this would make short men look tall.
  • Select patterns that have pinstripes, herringbone and chalkstripe that give a similar effect.
  • Wear pant and shirt of the same color as this would give a continuous effect of looking tall.
  • Go for dark shade and light fabric as this gives a slimming effect and can give an illusion to look tall.
  • Heavy fabrics makes a person look shorter and bulkier.
  • Always go for clothes that fit well as loose clothes would make a person look clumsy.

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