Different Types of Dresses for Finer Evenings

Dresses are an essential part of clothing in every woman’s wardrobe. Especially formal dresses have their own importance which are worn for special occasions. These days dresses are available in various ranges, designs and sizes that are worn for various occasions.

Here are few tips to help you select dresses for different occasions:

Evening dresses:

Evening dress is worn when you have to attend a special function or a formal party. Evening dresses are available in various styles, colors, fabric and lengths. For a formal party usually the evening gown is of full length and the color is dark whereas for semi-formal gowns are usually knee length.

Prom dresses:

A prom is one of the biggest occasion in a teenagers life. Prom dresses come in different colors, lengths and styles. The dress can be of any length and can be either a one or a two pieces dress.

Bridesmaid dresses:

A bridesmaid dress is the second most important dress after the brides dress. The dress can be of any length and of any color that one would prefer to go for. Before selecting a bridesmaid dress the figure and the color of the person should be kept in mind.

Mother of bride dresses:

Since wedding is important for a bride it is equally important for the mother of the bride. There are a lot of dresses available and the mother of the bride can wear any dress of her choice. A two pieces dress of knee length is more preferable. Now days even halter dresses are worn for such occasions.

Cocktail dresses:

A cocktail dress is usually short and sensious looking. It is an occasion where women like to look sexy. The fabric of a cocktail dress is usually satin, taffeta, silk and chiffon. The most popular cocktail dress are the short dress with spaghetti straps, the black dress and halters. Before selecting a cocktail dress do keep in mind your body type. Women with heavier legs should go for a knee length dress whereas slim women should go for dresses that are 3 to 4” above the knee.

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