How to Buy Men’s Business Suit

Men’s formal suit’s have indeed become very common but there are lots of way to make it look classic and interesting. Formals are an essential part of clothing in every man’s wardrobe.

Tips to select Men’s Business Suit

  • Choose a jacket that has a different style. These days the popular style in jackets is the single breasted two button jacket.
  • Always remember that fashion for men keeps changing and slim men can wear double breasted jacket as it would make them look bulky but remember to keep it buttoned all the time.
  • Choose a pattern and a color for the fabric. If you go for a patterned fabric than see if the pattern is lined up at the shoulder and seams.
  • Select a suit fabric like cotton or linen which are best for summers. Prefer a high quality wool as it is very versatile.
  • Avoid going for blended fabric with polyester as it doesn’t give a great look.
  • Once you select the fabric crumple it and see if it doesn’t wrinkle unless you choose a fabric like linen that wrinkles.
  • Choose a pattern for your pant. Pants with a flat front make you look slim whereas pleats give more space to move around.
  • Pants with cuffed legs give more weight to the suit and give an illusion of shorter legs while pants without cuffs are more informal.
  • Always try the jacket before you finally wear it. Shoulders should not be heavily padded and the collar should be flat on the back of the neck.
  • The sleeves should fall atleast 5” above the tip of the thumb and reveal ¼ to ½” of the cuff.
  • Check when you are sitting down that the jacket should not puff up when it is buttoned.
  • Be sure that the pants are at the waist and not the hips. Also make sure that when you walk your socks should not be visible.

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