How to Choose Accessories that Reflect Your Personality

Accessories are something that accentuates an individuals personality. Since everyone has a unique style of dressing, accessories add a lot of style. Other than adding style to our dressing, accessories also hide most of our flaws and make a person look more confident and stylish.

Tips to Choose Accessories

  • Before choosing any accessory, think of the look that you want to portray for example a subtle look, a confident look or an energetic look.
  • Choose a color that suits your style and mood, say if you are selecting black, this color depicts confidence and black is generally worn as a business wear.
  • Go for different shapes and sizes such as buttons, straps and buckles of different shapes and sizes. This adds more style and edge to a person’s look.
  • Patterns also play an important role in creating a style. Patterns that are spaced evenly, represent calmness and peace whereas patterns that are close together represent energy.
  • You would certainly want accessories to complement your style, so be a little choosy in your selection and pick something that enhances your look.
  • You can be creative by having your own style by a mix and match of accessories or by matching accessories that belong to the same family.
  • When it comes to accessories you can think a number of things like jewelery, belts, footwear, bags, sunglasses and scarves.
  • For a person who is fat, slim, tall or short can make the best use of accessories to hide his/her flaws just be being a little more creative.

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