How to Wear a Sarong

A sarong is a large piece of cloth that is usually used to wrap the body in different ways. It comes in varied lengths and attractive designs. People who are not comfortable showing their skin in a swimsuit, usually wrap it around their waist in different styles. Sarongs are very common in Southern California, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and other parts of the world.

Different Ways of Wrapping a Sarong

  • The most common way is to take longest ends of the cloth and wrap it around the waist with a knot at the side.
  • To get the sassier look, fold the sarong into a triangle and tie both the ends together.
  • For a much shorter look fold it a little so that the fringe hangs and then tie it into a knot around your waist.
  • The other way to tie the sarong is to knot it just below your navel so that the pleats fall in between. This style gives more grace to a person wearing it.
  • If you are wearing a bikini top then the sarong can be pleated and then wrapped around the waist in such a way that the pleats fall at the side.
  • Sarongs which are longer in length can be wrapped under the armpit and then knotted or just pinned up at the side.
  • Another style can be wrapping it under the armpit and getting one end from the shoulder and then pinning it in front.
  • For a more seductive look, the sarong can be twisted and then crossed in front and then knotted behind the neck.

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