How to Design your Old Pair of Sneakers

These days sneakers are the most popular footwear among youngsters. Many have been seen wearing it quite often but what if you have a boring pair of sneakers and want to make it a little interesting. It’s all about how creative you can get by making them an interesting pair to wear.

Tips to design your sneakers

  • First of all have a design in mind so that you can get all the necessary things that you need.
  • It’s time to make them look new and stylish so you can select your favourite color and paint the converse
  • Go for fabric colors as they can be used for fabrics and converse shoes as well.
  • Bright pink, purple, olive green and red are the happening colors for the season.
  • You can make it interesting by decorating it with glitters and other decorative stuff.
  • Make sure they look stylish and not gaudy so avoid putting glitter all over.
  • Designs like polka dots, geometrical designs and simple lines highlighted with glitter would make your sneaker look cool
  • You can also make small bows with colored satin ribbons and lace and stick them.
  • Guys would want it simple so just use any one of your favourite color and paint them in random in patches.
  • You can take off the regular lace from the sneaker and plait three different colored ribbons to make it look chic.
  • Your stylish sneakers can be worn with short skirts, shorts and Capri’s.
  • These sneakers can be worn at a day party or at a night club when you are with friends

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