Different Types of Necktie’s Accessories

If you are a person who wears ties on a regular basis, then you should have an idea of what are the types of accessories that go with a neck-tie. Accessories enhance the look of the suit and also add style to it. Here are a few accessories that you can try with your tie to suit different occasions.

5 Kinds of Neck-tie Accessories

Tie Bar

A tie bar is also known as a tie slide. It is a fine piece of metal that one slides across the middle of the tie so that you can attach the tie to your shirt. Tie bars come in different shapes and sizes that look attractive when you attach it to the shirt.

Tie Clip

It is also known as a tie clasp. It is quite similar to the tie bar. A tie clip is used horizontally across the tie to attach the tie to the shirt. The tie clip has a variety of choices of different shapes, sizes and material.

Tie Tack

A tie tack is different from the above tie bar and tie clip. The tie tack is made of two different parts- a stylish pin and a chain to attach the tie. In this the pin has to go through the tie then attach the the pin again and the chain is slipped in between the button holes of the shirt. Tie tacks come in different designs and shapes with colorful stones attached to it.

Tie Chain

In a tie chain the bar is hooked to one of the buttons of the shirt and then the tie is attached to the loop of the chain. It is done in a way that the bar is not to be seen and the chain is visible in the front. Many tie chains are made of silver or gold plated.

Tie Strap

The tie strap is fixed to the loop on the back of the tie then the shirt is buttoned into it which is above and below the loop. Most tie straps are made of transparent plastic or cloth. It is preferable to use a tie strap as it is light in weight and can also hold the tie in place.

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