How to Wear a Black Suit

Every man should possess a black suit in his wardrobe. A black suit is an essential in any formal function or a professional gathering. To possess a black suit is not enough, one should know how to put it together to complete a look.

Guidelines on How to Wear a Black Suit

  • A black suit is something that lasts for a life time and if it is tailored then it’s worth the investment
  • You would for sure go for a tailored suit that has a perfect fit therefore go by what your tailor suggests you if there are any alterations to be done
  • Do not try to iron your suit on your own, instead get steam or dry cleaned by a professional
  • In this way you can ensure that your suit will be in good condition and last longer
  • Before attending any function make sure you know what the dress code is and prepare accordingly
  • Also make sure that your shoes and belt match your black suit
  • Do not wear white socks as they are never to be worn for a formal function, instead wear a black socks
  • Make your suit look more stylish by wearing a formal shirt and a matching tie
  • You can also wear cuff links so you can attach them in the holes of your short cuffs
  • For a proper finish attach a pocket square to your jacket
  • Since black goes with everything, you can experiment with other color shirt and ties but preferably stick to white shirt and black tie

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