How to Look Stylish In Summers

Since summers have set in, it’s time to change your clothing style. Look forward to wearing pastel colors and comfortable clothes along with cool accessories. If you don’t know how to go about doing it then here are some tips to help you.

Summer Clothing Tips


  • One needs to wear clothes that are made of cotton, muslin or voile as these are the best fabrics for summers. They are not only comfortable but they are the best fashionable supplements to take you through hot days
  • Skirts with a high waist line, long printed skirts, crinkled pheasant skirts are all in fashion. You can also wear clinging skirts only if you have a good figure and can carry yourself well
  • Avoid wearing layers of clothes as they may suffocate and make you really uncomfortable. If you want to wear a strapless dress then make sure you have a short jacket made of a light material. This not only looks sexy but also adds style
  • You can also wear loose cotton trousers or cotton capris along with sleeveless top. Pants that are loose give you enough of leg movement and make you feel comfortable
  • If you want to wear something short then try shorts that are just above the knee that are perfect for summers. Other than these you can go for sequined tanks, chiffon tops and silk tanks for a summer party
  • If you are a person who loves wearing a sari, then go for a cotton or a voile material. If the starch of your sari bothers you then go for a chiffon material which will be much easier to drape and look stylish

Prints & Colors

  • For a formal and an elegant look, go for smaller floral prints. Clothes can get a fashionable look with bold monochrome prints that enhance your style.
  • The trendy colors for summers are the rich jewel hues, electric blue, cobalt blue, darker tones of sky blue, silver, coral, scarlet red, sea green, hot pink and other colors with a metallic tinge


  • Though cotton is the texture for summers, one can also wear materials with light shimmer
  • If you think it would be too much of glitter and shine then just add some trims along the border of your clothes to make it look trendy

Hats, Slippers & Bags

  • High heeled footwear are a big no, rather go for flat sandles or cork platforms are ideal for summers
  • Straw hats look cool for summers and peak caps also serve the purpose
  • Huge and big bags are in trend for the season

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