Latest Eye Makeup Trends

Eyes are the most expressive features of our face. They enhance a person’s looks and eye makeup is the best way to bring out the natural beauty of a person. Make-up has been in-vogue since years. It is always good to experiment new eye makeup styles so that you know what suits you the best.

Eye Makeup Styles that are Invogue

Natural Look:

Natural eye makeup style has been very popular. If you want to give a natural look to your eyes then try the new style. Apply a neutral color eye shadow with a brush starting from the inside of the eyelids and going all the way out.

Eye make-up color changes according to the season. For summers, colors like pink, coral and peach look good, whereas in autumn colors like berry and jewel tones look the best. During winters, chocolate looks great and pastels look good for spring. For a more natural look, apply a thin layer of eye shadow.

Bright Blues:

Blue is a color of the 80s and has continued to become one of the popular colors. The color blue varies from subtle blue to bright electric blue. Apply a fine layer of this color and match it with the outfit you are wearing for an evening look.

Metallic Effect:

Metallic color is invogue and is one of the trendiest color. This color can vary from metallic bags to metallic nail paints. Colors like silver, bronze and gold look great. One can go for shimmering colors or a matt finish. For a club look, blend this color and apply it on your eyelid and brow bone. Apply a black eye-liner on your upper eyelid.

Smoky Eyes:

Smoky eyes give the most dramatic look. This look will always be in trend and colors like black, grey, violet and brown are the best for a smoky look. Apply some eye-liner and smudge it together, then apply some mascara to complete look.

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