Must Haves in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Like every woman’s wardrobe even a man must have a few essentials in his wardrobe. Every man should have an idea of what he actually possesses in his wardrobe and what he would need to posses. A man lifestyle depends on the type of clothes he has and clothes speak a lot about a person.

Essentials in a Man’s Wardrobe


A man must have a navy or gray colored suit in his wardrobe. These two colors are neutral and have a classic look. The jacket goes well with jeans or khakis this a combination that will not go out of style.

Black shoes and belt:

Black shoes and belts can be combined with jeans, khakis and even your suit. Black is more essential as compared to brown and this combination can be worn in formal functions as well.

White dress shirt

: This suits almost everybody but remember the white dress shirt should not be worn casually. It’s a very versatile combination and looks awesome.

Solid tie:

It’s good to have a variety of tie patterns in your wardrobe. If you are not comfortable wearing solid ties then you can go for diagonal stripes that look classy. They suit occasions like formal functions, interviews and weddings.

Blue blazer:

This suits best with khakis or if you want to try something else then go for a tweed sports coat but this can be worn only in winters.


: An overcoat can be of 3/4th length. The overcoat suits almost anything you wear, even jeans.


: Briefcase can be anything soft and stylish like a messenger bag. It is required for every man to carry his office files or essential documents.

Athletic Wear:

It is not necessary for you to be an athletic person to have an athletic wear. This can be worn casually in the house or just for your evening walks.

Casual Shirt:

It is a must have in a man’s wardrobe. A polo shirt or a casual shirt can be worn with jeans.

De-constructed suit:

The best thing about the suit is that the pant and the blazer can be worn separately. It is put together to give a relaxed look.

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