What Not To Wear for Men

Being fashion conscious is not only confined to women but even men have taken over this area. Even men are keeping a constant pace with the latest trends and styles. Though not everyone has a fashion sense, there are many men who tend to mismatch their clothes and have the most awful combinations. Here are some tips for men to help them…

What Men should avoid wearing

Skinny jeans

jeans that are very tight from the waist to ankles are a big no for men. This is a more feminine style of dressing and is not invogue. This should be completely avoided and it’s no more in style.

Bolo ties and cowboy hats

they are completely out of fashion. These type of hats are popular in places like Canada and U.S.

Popped Collar Polo Shirt

the popped collar shirt should be avoided. One of the worst combinations would be to layer the popped collar shirt and a leather jacket or two polo collared shirts with both collars popped.

Denim Jacket

Most denim jackets do not really go well with everything. If such jackets are washed well and worn with casual pants then this combination works well.

Button suits

These suits have been in trend since a long time. The four button suit doesn’t suit most men as they are more the boxy type without proper measurements. Therefore even if a man has a good physique it won’t really show. Such suits should be kept aside.

Baggy pants

These are the most gaudy, loose and badly made pants for men. Baggy pants are completely out of fashion and are a big ‘No’.

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