How to Wear Stilettos

Stilettos have always been in trend since a long time. Though they look very stylish and hep, they cause a major discomfort to the feet. It becomes unbearable to walk in high heels all day long with your body pressure being concentrated at one point. Stilettos tend to damage the surface of carpets and floors because of the pointed heels. Stilettos can be worn for occasions for just an hour or two.

Choose Carefully

Stilettos are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes known to women, therefore one needs to select them wisely. When picking up stilettos, always wear and walk in them so that you know if you are comfortable. You of course would not want your toes to get cramped and feet to suffer all day long. If you think that you are not comfortable wearing them then do not go ahead and buy them.

Wear them Only on Special Occasions

Stilettos are the best for special occasions when you would want to look tall and gorgeous. They do add a few inches to your height and make you look elegant. Stilettos are not a regular wear for office or any other place. For the heels that it has, one cannot afford to wear them everyday as its not a practical footwear.


Do not wear stilettos with short skirts, tops with deep necklines or tights as this combination conveys a wrong dressing message to people. You’ll end up looking someone from the 50s. Choose dresses that compliment your stilettos so that people remember you the right way.

Practise Walking

It’s not a very easy task to walk in stilettos. Your back should not slouch and your knees should be straight while walking. Practise walking in them so that you can stretch the leather and your feet are more comfortable. You can also practise dancing in them, so that you are prepared for any occasion where you might have to dance.

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