What to Wear with Leggings

Leggings were the style of the 80s and it is back. They are also called leg warmers. These are no more seen on the runway but they are seen worn by many women. Many times we happen to mismatch our clothes and forget the right combination. Here are a few tips that would help in wearing leggings with other clothes.

Leggings can be worn with…


Skirts and leggings are an amazing combination. If you want to flaunt your well-shaped legs, then combine leggings with short skirts. Women who are not comfortable showing their legs can wear shorts skirts of any length with leggings below. Remember to match the right color with your top and prefer dark color leggings as they are more flattering.


This is another awesome combination to wear legging with. Shirt-dresses always add an extra style. Moreover if you are wearing a dress that requires you to wear heels then try to be bare legged. Whereas if you are wearing flats or sandals then leggings go well with it.


If you want to wear a tunic then pair it up with leggings. Do not wear tee-shirts or tanks with leggings as that combination doesn’t work well. Make sure the top hem of your dress touches your upper thigh.


Avoid wearing heels with leggings as it gives more of a retro look. Flat shoes like ballet shoes, skimmers, slides and moccasins look great with leggings. You can wear this casual combination with confidence.

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