What to Wear with Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been and are still a hot trend. Most people wear skinny jeans but do not have an idea of what looks good with it. There can be a lot of stuff that can be worn with skinny jeans to make it a stylish outfit.

What Outfit Goes Well With Skinny Jeans

  • There are two ways of creating a balance with skinny jeans. One you can wear a shirt that it larger in size than what you would otherwise wear as this would accentuate the shape of the jeans.
  • You can wear a top with an empire cut at the waist which would look cool.
  • You can also wear flowy tops like the peasant top as it balances well with skinny jeans.
  • Peasant tops come in different shapes and styles which are good in camouflaging the belly fat and wide hips.
  • One can also wear large shirts with thin belts that gives the retro look of the 80s.
  • Large shirts also cover heavy thighs especially for those people who are very conscious
  • Another type of large top would be raglan sleeves or bell sleeves. This is most preferred by women as it balances the look of skinny jeans by drawing away the attention towards the sleeve.
  • There is another way to maintain a continuous balance by wearing a fitted sleeveless shirt or a tee-shirt. This is for those women who have an awesome figure to flaunt.
  • For women who have large ankles and wide hips, they can wear long pair of boots and tuck the jeans inside it. This will create a wider lower portion and the body will look in proportion.
  • If you want to wear tight or skinny tops with skinny jeans then, wear sandals or flip flops which would look good.
  • You can also wear pointed toe heels that are available in many colors which is the latest fashion right now.

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