Stylish Bags for Women

Hand bags have been one of the most popular accessory for a woman since a long time. They are not only used for carrying stuff but add an extra edge to your style. These days one can find a wide variety of stylish hand bags that can be used for any occasion and match any outfit. There are various types of hand bags that women use:

Hand Bags

Tote Bags:

Tote bags are also know as carry bags. They are big in size and look trendy and therefore they are mostly used by students and working women. Tote bags are very comfortable to use and since they are big, they can accommodate many things. These bags are used by women who are mostly on the run therefore tote bags are practical and very casual to use.


Clutches are a different type of handbag and since they don’t have a handle, they are supposed to be carried in the hand. They are small and compact which is why one can only carry a few essentials like lipstick, hair brush and Compaq. Clutches go very well with formal evening dress or just a party dress. Since clutches have a chic look many women prefer using it for occasions.

Satchel Handbags:

Satchel handbags have one or two straps that go across the body. This is the ideal type of bag that a business women should use as it can accommodate files and office papers to be brought to work. Many students also use the satchel handbags to keep books and other school stuff.

Duffel Bags:

These bags are huge and are preferably used for traveling purposes. Duffel bags are spacious with large compartments to keep shoes, clothes and other important things.

Hobo Handbags:

These bags are specially designed for women. Hobo handbags are very stylish and make a woman look attractive. These bags are ideal for women, especially for those who do not have to carry heavy stuff.

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