How to Select the Perfect Lingerie

Every woman wants to look hot, attractive and perfect in a pair of lingerie. Lingerie is an important part of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe.

It is a very challenging task to actually select lingerie that is comfortable and along with a perfect fit. There are a wide range of lingerie brands that give you a variety of choices to select from.

Tips to Select the Perfect Lingerie

Right Size

Size is an important factor while buying a lingerie. If you are not sure of your bust size, then take measurements across and below the bust. If you want to find the cup size then take the difference across the bust and below it and you will get the right cup size.

Perfect Fit

A perfect lingerie fit is very important. It doesn’t matter which top brand you go for but a correct fit is what matters. Lingeries come in many sizes starting from the smallest size to the largest. Lingerie is something that you would wear regularly so be patient and keep looking for the right fit.


A perfect lingerie is one that makes you comfortable. It may again depend from person to person as some may want just an uplift and others may want support along with a proper shape of the bust.


Many would go for a fabric that they are most comfortable in. Fabrics that are used can be cotton, semi cotton and synthetic. Lingerie straps may be made of elastic or cotton which depends as per a persons comfort. Make sure that lingerie material that you select should not only be comfortable but also compliment the clothes you wear.


Lingerie’s come in amazingly attractive colors and prints. Black and white are very basic colors but it’s good to try other colors as well. A woman’s skin and hair color plays an important role in selecting a lingerie. If you are fair then red, pink and lavender will look good but if you have a darker skin tone then you can go for lighter or contrast colors.


Wearing a stylish lingerie is quite an interesting thing to experiment with. There is always freedom of style for people who hesitate wearing stylish clothes, as lingerie is something that is worn inside. One can try different fabrics like satin and silk. Some can even go wild wearing animal prints and thongs.

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