How to Dress to Look Younger

It’s true that we all want to look younger than we actually are. As years pass by our skin becomes dull and signs of aging are more prominent. We still yearn for attention and want to look good. Therefore we try to hide our age by dyeing our hair or by applying make up. Here are few tips to help you dress the right way and look younger.

Tips to Dress for a Younger Look

  • Shop for a nice and comfortable pair of jeans that disguises your wide waist and hips
  • Go for a pair of jeans that are dark in color with a bootleg and avoid wearing skinny jeans that would make you look completely out of shape
  • Wear a printed dress of pastel color with fine straps as there is no harm in showing a little skin. It will make you look and feel younger but if you are not comfortable then use a stole or a cardigan over the dress
  • Wear pantyhose and tight undergarments that support your thighs, legs and hips however do not wear something that strangles your body. Instead, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable
  • Buy a nice and stylish bag for yourself and get rid of the ancient bags that make you feel really old
  • Apply make up the same way you used to apply when you were young, basically keep it simple by a little touch up and lip gloss and tie a pony tail
  • Also wear trendy and stylish sun glasses that look cool on you and protect you from the sun
  • Constantly keep shopping for something trendy for yourself that keeps you in pace with the latest fashion and makes you feel young

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