How to Choose a Creme Lipstick Lip Gloss

It might be quite easy to choose clothes and other stuff but choosing the right lipstick is not very easy. One should be aware of the brands, colors and type of lipstick that suit ones skin tone.

A lipstick contains pigments that gives color and oil which adds moisture whereas a creme lipstick contains more of oil that makes the lips lighter. Creme lipsticks are also called hydrating lipstick, moisturising lipstick and lip rouge.

Tips to choose a creme lipstick and lip gloss

  • Women with darker skin tones should wear dark browns and reds. Pink suits lighter skin tone and reddish brown suits olive skin
  • Always opt for a color that goes well with your natural lip color and skin tone
  • If you want a smooth and even coat of creme lipstick then use a lip brush
  • It is important to outline lipstick with a pencil to avoid feathering of lipstick
  • Since creme lipstick contains oil it doesn’t last long but creme lip gloss lasts longer
  • Creme lipstick is good for women who are 50 and above because as we grow older, the skin loses its natural glow therefore the creme lipstick is more suitable as it adds glow to the skin and makes it look brighter.
  • Creme lipstick should be applied during the day as it is light and creates a beautiful look
  • To balance the look one can use other creme make-up products with the lipstick
  • Creme lipstick should be applied during winters whereas gloss with shimmer looks best in summers

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