Summer Hair Color for Men

Hair color has become as important for men as it was for women. Today even men are conscious of their appearance and want to look good. These days there are a lot of hair colors that are available in the market for men with a wide range of brands that makes it very easy for men to choose from.

Hair color brands for men:

Here are a few hair color brands that men can use for summers

Just for Men

is a very well know hair color product. These days it is difficult to keep pace with the fast life therefore this hair color is the ideal type. It is easy to apply and doesn’t take much time. Result can be seen in just 5 minutes. ‘Just for Men’ is available in every drug store.

Grecian formula 5

is another popular hair color for men. This hair color comes with a comb and covers all the grays. Grecian formula 5 is very easy to apply and very affordable.


is another very good hair color that men can use. This is one such hair color that can be used regularly till one gets the desired color. After you get the desired hair color you can use it just once a week. The best thing about the hair color is that it restores the color and helps to rejuvenate the melanin on the hair. This color is easily available in most drug stores.

Clairol’s Men’s Choice

A gel that can be applied very easily. Since it is very gentle and mild, it is good for men who have weak and thin hair. This hair color can be applied anywhere on the hair therefore this would help you in covering all the grays.

Dark and Natural

is a popular brand in men’s hair color. This is a permanent hair color and is specially for soft hair and gives amazing result in just 5 minutes. It is easily available at any drug store and gives a natural look to a person.

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