How to Build a Summer Wardrobe for Men

Since summer has already set in, many men would need a few tips to help them in building a summer wardrobe. It becomes difficult to survive the heat and yet look stylish. Here are a few tips for men that will help them build an amazing wardrobe this summer.

Tips to build a summer wardrobe

  • Go through all your last year’s summer clothes and see if they are wearable and still in style
  • If you feel that you do not have enough pair of shorts for the season in your wardrobe, then shop for two to three pair of shorts to survive the summers
  • You can go for drawstring shorts, carpenter shorts, pleated shorts, print shorts and cargo shorts
  • To match your shorts buy a few short sleeve cotton tee-shirts that look casual for summers
  • One can also consider prints that are very much in trend this summer and a must-have in your summer wardrobe
  • If you think that cotton tee-shirts are very casual for work then go for linen short sleeve shirts
  • For one of the casual fridays or a weekend at work, you can wear drawstring linen pants or chinos
  • Go for a jacket with a front zip or an anorok for one of the cooler summer evenings
  • To complete your summer look go for Teva sandals that would complement your shorts, toe loafers with chinos or just leather slide with linen pants
  • This season do not forget to buy the right type of summer trunks and sunglasses

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