Fabric Colors for Summers

It’s good to be selective while choosing your fabric colors for summers. There are a lot of basic colors that you can include in your color palette like burgundy, plum, rose, rose beige, blue-greys, off white, navy blue and brown.

Summer Fabric Colors For Your Wardrobe


If you have most blues then you need to remove royal blue shades as this is a winter color to wear.


The color gray has many shades but you can choose to wear light blue-gray to any light charcoal blue-gray.


This shade can be from pastel to dark


Almost all shades of pink that have a light undertone can be worn. The deep rose tone would also look great.


Pick the color red as casually you pick any other color provided that red has a blue undertone.


You can go for this shade if it has a coral color tone in it.


Lavender is a lovely summer color and you can wear almost all the tones from its family like orchids and mauve.

Plum, Raspberry and Burgundy

You can wear this shade but if the sun is really hot try to keep these colors away from your face.


This is a beautiful shade but stick to only one specific shade of yellow which is lemon yellow. Avoid wearing shades of yellow that have a gold undertone.


This color should range from light to a medium tone.

Soft White

Choose a white shade that doesn’t have a yellow touch to it. This type of white is called the winter white color.


Do not go for a strong navy color, it is usually a winter color. Instead go for navy that is more softer and grayer.

Beige & Brown

: Both these colors have a brown tone. Choose a shade between rose beige and rose brown. Avoid colors like yellow beige, gray beige and dark browns.

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