Top 6 Types Of Bags For Men

These days bags are no more considered a woman’s accessory. Bags have always been a style statement and have served the purpose in many ways. Today men’s bags have been specifically designed to suit their need and comfort. Every man should include atleast one of these bags in his wardrobe. If you are looking for one then go with a classic style as this suits every need.

Types Of Men’s Bags


Briefcases are one of the oldest bags that one can think of. Earlier they had a standard look of a box type with sharp cornered edges. Now the modern briefcase is more of a classic shaped with a buckle and a leather look on the exterior. The interior is designed in compartments that would suit any working man’s need.

Messenger Bag:

These messenger bags are inspired from the urban era. They are the more casual type which can be swung across the shoulder. The messenger bag is made of canvas or leather and is popular among students. The new tote messenger leather bag is very much in vogue for men.

Holdall Bags:

This bag is the ideal type for any man who is used to making frequent short business trips. The holdall bag has a classic look with a leather exterior. It is sleek but yet spacious to keep a few necessary stuff for a short trip. This bag looks great with a business casual wear or just a casual wear.

Camera Bag:

A camera bag is a rectangular bag that is to be hung across the shoulder. This is the most convenient type of bag for a man who is into short trips. The camera bag is very trendy and adds a stylish touch to any outfit.

Tote Bag:

A tote is a modern version of a briefcase. This bag is deal for a business wear as the exterior is made of soft leather and it has a long handle. Black and chocolate brown look great and suits any type of semi casual wear.

Newsboy Bag:

The newsboy bag has a canvas exterior which gives a very casual look to it as compared to other bags. This bag goes perfectly with men’s casual wear and since it is stylish and trendy it is more popular among students.

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