How To Choose A Body Lotion For Summers

Since summers have already set in many people would be facing a common problem of dry skin. Choosing the right type of body lotion is very important to keep the skin moist, smooth and scented.
Here are few tips to help you choose the right type of body lotion that would serve the purpose.

Tips to choose body lotion

  • First of all know what is your skin type and then choose the lotion according to your requirement.
  • If you have sensitive skin then select a mild body lotion that soothes your skin and leaves it moist and smooth.
  • If you have very dry skin which remains the same all throughout the year, then you can go for cocoa butter body lotion for summers as cocoa butter leaves the skin smooth and soft
  • The effect of cocoa butter stays for a longer time.
  • To protect your skin from tanning after applying the body lotion, you can go for a lubricant lotion with a sunscreen.
  • This lotion can be applied before going to bed as well, as it doesn’t leave the body dry and sticky.
  • Lubriderm is the best body lotion for summers as it protects the skin from the sun and has a wonderful fragrance.
  • Many people feel their feet, torso, elbows and arms getting much drier as compared to other parts of the body, so use lotions that have shea butter as the main ingredient.
  • Another important tip to use the body lotion is not to apply the same all over because there are different brands that use different formulas for various parts of the body.
  • So if some lotion suits your face it wouldn’t necessarily suit other parts of the body.
  • Choose three types of lotions for summers: one mild lotion specifically for the face, the second type for the torso and the third type which should be oil based for the dry and scaly areas of the body.

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