Latest Types Of Belts

Belt is one such accessory that never used to be taken as a style statement. It’s only lately that people have started considering belts to be one of the important accessories in dressing. Today belts are available in different styles, colours, fabrics and brands which gives more options for people to choose from.

Types of Belts

  • Buckle Belts
  • Title Belts
  • Cheap Belts
  • Replacement Belts
  • Skinny Belts
  • Transmission Belts

Uses of Belts:

People wear belts for various reasons like:-

  • To keep our pants from falling off
  • To Keep our shirts tucked properly
  • To hang cell phones and key chains
  • And to look stylish

Latest Types of Belts

Sashay Belt:

These belts are made of satin or silk. They look best when they are worn with contrasted colours and have a more feminine look to it.

Chain Belt:

This belt is made of chains and is the latest fashion these days. These types of belts are mainly designed for men and are usually used by students.

Ultra Thin Belt:

The Ultra thin belt is very much in trend. It is about 1” in width and is very finely designed. These belts are available in many bright colours and therefore attract people.

Standard Belts:

This belt is specially designed for women as it has pearls, stones and valuable things attached to it. It is made of leather and is in contrast colour of body colour and hence know as ‘designer’s belt.

Large Buckle Belt:

Large buckle belts are also in fashion. Buckle of a belt can be broad or small. The broad buckle belt is in trend and different types of buckle belts are Harley belt buckle, silver belt buckle, skull belt buckle and designer belt buckle.


The origin of this belt is from India. Women wear it loosely around their waist while wearing a sari, while performing a dance or martial art.

Designer Belts:

These belts are of different shapes and sizes. They are available in various styles like leather belt, elastic belt, waist belt, braided belt and stretch belts.

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