Summer Footwear For Men

Most men would want to have an idea of the kind of footwear that they need to wear during summers. Summer is a season which makes you feel very hot and uncomfortable therefore you should choose a footwear that makes your feet comfortable and not trapped.

If being a man you have envied women who have a variety of choice in selecting footwear for every occasion, then do not get disappointed. There are a lot of brands for men with a wide range of footwear for every occasion and season.

Types of summer footwear


This summer you can flaunt by wearing stylish slip-ons which look really cool. They come in shades of browns and cream. Most slip-ons are perforated so that the feet remain cool and comfortable in summers. These go well with casuals like shorts, jeans and pants.

Leather Loafers:

The leather loafer has a classic style to it therefore it goes well with semi formals. They comes in classic colours like black, white, brown and tan.

Suede Shoes:

Though suede is a winter wear but there are cool versions in it that can be used as a summer wear as well. They come in a lot of shades like black, brown, mustard and yellow. Suedes go well with casual and formal wear as well. So a person can actually wear black and brown with formals and mustard and yellow with casuals.

Boat Shoes:

The new boat shoes are seen in an improved look. These are casuals slip ons and the upper part of the shoes are made of suede or leather material. The boat shoes are without lace and are available in almost all colours like black, red and brown. They should be worn with casuals like shorts, jeans, cargoes or khakis.

Formal Shoes:

Formal shoes are something that a man cannot escape from. He would have to wear it for some occasion or the other. They come in a variety of colours like black, brown and gray and look extremely stylish when worn with light coloured suits.

Summer Boots:

These boots are long from the front and come up to the calves. They are well cushioned from inside and very comfortable when worn for long distance. Summer boots come in various shapes and colours like black, brown and sandy shades.

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