Top Ten Summer Perfumes

Summer is a season where the sun is really bright and hot. People get tanned easily and sweat a lot. Even during this time you of course wouldn’t want to smell bad no matter how the weather is.

It’s always important to choose the right type of perfumes that last throughout the day and keeps you fresh. Here are top 10 summer perfume brands that will help you get through the scorching heat.

Top 10 Summer Perfumes

Diptyque L’ombre dans L’eau

: This perfume is a perfect combination of floral, berry and grass. This is liked by most people as it has a sweet fragrance. This can also be worn more often during summers as it over power the body odor.

Creed Fleur de The Rose Bulgare:

This perfume has the most orginal fragrance of roses. Other than being supplied in regular bottles it is also packed in testers and serves the purpose for most people. This perfume is one of the most expensive brands. The Creed Fleur de The rose Bulgare is made of fresh pink roses, green leaves and lemon peel.

Honore des Pres Bonte’s Bloom:

This brand of perfume comes in five fragrance and is it inspired by nature. Though the Bonte’s Bloom is a day perfume, it should not be over applied as it might tend to get sticky during summers.

Kenzo Parfum d’Ete:

This perfume has more of a green fragrance and a crisp edge to it. When put it would remind you of lillies and green valleys.

Aroma M Geisha Pink:

Geisha Pink is a blend of sweet sugared plum, orange and vanilla. The best thing about it is its packing which is in a roll-on bottle and is perfect for a get away vaction in summers.

Ava Luxe The Beach:

The Ava Luxe is a little salty and breezy. This can be worn by men and women and it’s a perfect beach perfume.

Bond no. 9 Fire Island:

This perfume smells best on sun hot skin and is idle for summers. It is a combination of neroli and tuberose.

Creative Universe Element of Surprise:

This fragrance is perfect for summers as it has a tint of white tea base. It is a blend of citrus, tea and jasmine. It lasts for a long time and a person feel fresh and clean at the end of the day.

Caron Aimez-Moi

: The Aimez-Moi is a combination of violet and anise and because of its strong yet pleasant fragrance it is appropiate for summers.

L’Artisan Parfumeur L’Ete en Douce:

This perfume is a combination of linden, hay and soft musk which makes it very soothing for summers.

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