Summer Fabrics For Men

Since summers have set in you would not like to go around in heavy clothing. Anyone would prefer to wear something that is lightweight and comfortable.

There are many materials for men that are soft and lightweight and one can select colours like white, light brown, ivory or bright colours like orange or green.

Summer Fabrics


Linen is one of the best materials used for summers. The Irish linen is made of silk and woven together and then it is spun by craftsmen. Linen material absorbs moisture and still remains dry. Other than this quality linen doesn’t attract allergies, it is antibacterial and antistatic.

Linen is three times stronger than cotton. Linen is considered to be the best material for summers because the material breathes therefore it absorbs moisture and keeps the body cool. The only drawback with this fabric is that it wrinkles fast and more with use.


The seersucker fabric is made of cotton and is one of the most used materials for summers. The best thing about this fabric is that it is puckered which leaves enough of space between the fabric and the skin.

This puckering doesn’t stick to the skin and gives enough of space for the skin to breathe. Another quality about this fabric is that is doesn’t need ironing, the wrinkles are on purpose and appear to look cool. Seersucker comes in stripes, checks, plaids, prints and plain colours.

Silk/Wool Blend:

This fabric is good to be used for occasions as it has a little shine. Generally wool is considered a winter material but summer weight wool is a good choice for summers as it doesn’t absorb moisture. Silk and wool make a good combination and are often used by men for special occasions.

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