Top Ten Colours For Women For 2010

Who would not want to go with the latest fashion trends? If you are fashion conscious then you should know what are the top ten colors for women for 2010. Here is some information on the latest colors for this season.

Top Ten Colors

Spring Summer is a time when you want to wear cool colors that soothe you. As per this season’s report vibrant bright colors are in fashion.

These are colors that add energy and excitement to the palette. These bright vibrant colors are mostly combined with neutral colors and makes it more practical for customers to wear.

  • The

    Tropical Turquoise

    color is a mixture of blue and green and looks great when paired with

    Amparo Blue

    . This shade is more of a bright blue color.

  • Violet

    is a purplish color that adds more of warmth to the palette. This is one of those colors that a woman should have in her wardrobe

  • Yellow

    is another interesting color for the season. It has many hues one of which is the greenish yellow which is a bold color

  • Orange

    is for those who love bold and bright colors and


    another color that can be combined with a turquoise to give you a classic retro look

  • Pink Champagne

    is another popular colour among women. Since it’s one of the hottest colors for this season it can be combined with other neutral colors

  • Tuscany

    is a beige hue that can be well matched with solid colors like violet

  • Dried Herb

    is a neutral hue that can be paired with all the other colors

  • Eucalypatus

    is gray that can be matched by wearing shoes, handbags and accessories

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