How to Wear Florals

Who says fashion is confined to only women. These days even men have a wide range to choose from. Floral prints are liked by everyone but to wear it with the right combination is very important. You sure would want to create a style statement and look great.

Tips For this Season

We have one of the best brands ‘Liberty Of London’ that cater to not only women but men and children as well. Spring floral is very much in fashion and they are some attractive skirts and shorts for men and women.

The well known brand ‘Liberty Of London’ has a wide collection of garments like the turquoise isis maxi dress and lovely floral printed bloomers. Its very important to wear floral with the right type of combination so that you don’t look like a fashion disaster.

  • If you have a bright printed floral skirt do not wear a dark top just to match the print, instead wear a neutral coloured top that compliments the skirt
  • Similarly with floral shorts try going with just one type of light coloured top
  • If you think that the combination is very boring then club some kind of accessory to match it
  • One can go for stylish accessories like a scarf, wrist bands, caps, shoes or some kind of jewellery
  • If you are wearing a one piece floral dress then try to look stylish by wrapping a scarf around your wrist or neck
  • If the dress has a plain floral design then carry a bright bag when you are going out. This would add style to your dressing

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