How to pick a fragrance free sunscreen?

Many people are either allergic or hate the smell of sunscreen. They can be sticky and the unpleasant smell of sunscreen can make it unbearable for many. But fortunately, there are many different sunscreens which are fragrance-free. All you need to do is shop around for a sunscreen that satisfies your fragrance-free needs.

How to pick a fragrance-free sunscreen:

  • Visit a local drug store, pick a sunscreen that is marked “fragrance-free” and dab a little of it on your finger. Rub this into your hand and wait for one minute or two.After the sunscreen has worked its way in, smell the hand you applied the product to. If there is a fragrance, move on to the next product or brand.
  • You will also want to smell all the various kinds of sunscreens produced by a certain brand. There are certain products which may not smell at all, whereas others can give you a headache with their fumes.
  • You need to consider that everyone has a different body scent. Therefore, you want to check if your body scent mixes well with the sunscreen, and doesn’t produce any type of odor. A sunscreen which pleases one person may not necessarily please every person.
  • If you can, use different sunscreens for your body and face, especially if you are using it daily(which you should). You will find sunscreen that is specifically designed for your face at your local drug store, and many are fragrance free.
  • You can always consult your dermatologist for a good, fragrance-free sunscreen. He/she can surely suggest an odor-free sunscreento you.

You also want to remember that fragrance-free doesn’t mean the sunscreen will have no scent. Fragrance-free means the company didn’t add any fragrance to the product. The sunscreen may have a scent, but it is purely from the ingredients needed to make the sunscreen effective.

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