How to “dress to impress”on a budget

Who doesn’t like to look her best? We all do. Be it fora date, a job interview, or a school reunion, we want to look amazing. One of the common problems is staying within your budget while shopping for one of those special occasions. To “dress to impress” for all of your occasions, while keeping your budget in check, consider the following tips:

How to “dress to impress” within your budget:

  • Before you attend a party or an event, you should plan what you want to wear and how you want to look. Consider browsing through one of your current fashions magazines for ideas.While the featured trends shown in magazines (or on websites) are cute and fashionable, make sure they will work with your body type. Never wear a trend if it doesn’t suit your body and personality.
  • Before you go shopping, consider the basics you have hanging in your closet. This will allow you to more easily make an outfit while at the store, while spending less money.Whenever you can use current pieces to make new outfits, your budget will stretch more.
  • After you have examined your wardrobe thoroughly, it is time for you to hit the streets. Call up your friends to see if they have a piece you’re looking for to complete your new outfit. Borrowing is a good way to stay within your budget, and lets you expand your outfit possibilities.
  • Finally, go shopping during sales. Getting a discount on the pieces you must buy will allow you to stay within your budget. Check websites and flyers to figure out when sales will be taking place.

There are many ways to stay on budget while creating new outfits for special occasions. If you take the right steps (as discussed above) you will be able to “dress to impress” without spending too much cash. And remember, whenever you must make purchases, buy things on sale or clearance. Nothing feels better than rocking a great outfit while knowing you paid almost nothing for it.

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